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Abortion Pill

$0 Consultation. No insurance needed.

Book now to get the answers you need about your pregnancy, abortion pills, procedures, and all your options in Nevada. We provide free pregnancy services, including pregnancy testing, ultrasound confirmation, pregnancy options consultations, education, resources, aid, and more.


Use the form below to request your free appointment. ​One of our staff will follow-up with you to schedule. While we do not provide or refer for abortion services, we provide the services you need before an abortion. 


You are a priority to us. 


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At-Home Abortion Pill FAQs

Is it safe to order abortion pills online?

The FDA does not recommend ordering abortion pills online due to a lack of safety measures.

Is everyone eligible for abortion pills?

No. There are many restrictions, including health history, the type of pregnancy, how far along you are, and more.

How can an ultrasound help?​
A limited obstetrical ultrasound can confirm the location of the pregnancy, estimate your due date, rule out an ectopic pregnancy, and more.

What if I'm more than 10 weeks pregnant?

We can talk through your options and the resources available to you. 

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"This place is amazing! I was so nervous before going in, but once they started talking with me I felt so much better. I felt extremely comfortable."

"They are fantastic non judgmental and they have helped me so much.

"Amazing safe environment."


Your Health & Safety Checklist

Is the pregnancy viable?

A positive pregnancy test is an indicator of pregnancy, not a verification. Before you pay for an abortion, rule out a naturally occurring miscarriage. If the pregnancy is not viable, the abortion pill should not be taken.

Is the pregnancy occurring in the uterus? 

It's important to rule out an ectopic pregnancy before you buy or take abortion pills or before you schedule a procedure.

Do you know your Rh factor? 

This can determine if you need a RhoGAM shot after an abortion is complete. If you are Rh-negative, we can provide a referral to our network of local OB-GYNs.

Have you been tested for STDs? 

If you are considering an abortion procedure, ruling out an STD can prevent further infection or complications. We can provide testing at no cost.

Do you know how far along you are?

This information can determine the type of abortion and the cost of an abortion. While we do not provide or refer for abortion services, we provide a limited obstetric ultrasound for you at no cost. so you can get the answers you need to make an informed choice. 

Your Future.
Your Choice.

Make an appointment today and get the answers you need.

white pregnancy test

Need to start with pregnancy testing or STD?

We can provide lab-quality testing at no cost to you.

white and grey abortion pills

Get answers on abortion pills and all your options.

Learn more about abortion pills, abortion procedures, and all the options available to you.

white calendar

Confirm viability and how far along you are.

How far along you are can determine abortion types and cost. We provide cost-free limited obstetrical ultrasounds so you can know for sure.

Commitment of Care and Privacy

No matter what your circumstances are or what you decide, we are here for you. We provide resources, free services, information, and practical support to anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy. We believe every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy deserves a pressure-free place where she feels empowered. As a non-profit that does not profit from your choice, we do not provide or refer for abortion services, but can give you the answers you need to make an informed decision and find support.


​Our services are provided to patients without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation, disability, or other arbitrary circumstances. Your privacy is important to us. Our forms are HIPAA-compliant and all messages, calls, and appointments are confidential.

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Contact us to learn more about our full list of medical and support services.

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